Propice joins the Upcycling Festival association

The association federates all the actors of the Upcyling sector.

We are delighted to announce our membership and support for

the Upcycling Festival association.

Upcycling aims to recover materials, products, natural ingredients left behind to recycle them by transforming them to bring them to a higher quality .

It's giving them a second life .

Recycling "from above" unlike so-called "classic" recycling, for which the recycled products would have a lesser or equal quality to the original product.

The association brings together craftsmen , merchants and the largest industrial groups, to contribute to the deployment of this new circular industry, to have a real environmental impact .

Propice is proud to have participated in the cosmetic round table during the 3rd Summit of the Upcycling Festival in October 2022 in Lyon.

Let's fight against waste , let's overcycle, save the planet's resources while doing us good.

Find more information from the UPCYCLING FESTIVAL association.

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