Our Minimalist Beauty Routine


Beauty secret from South Korea, the " skip-care " (or "jump care" in French), allows you to let your skin breathe by favoring quality over quantity.

"Skip-care" is THE new way to take care of your face . Concretely, the idea is to limit the number of products used in your routine by adopting a short routine and focusing on the essentials.

Stop lengthy care programs: consume less but better and thus reduce our ecological impact caused by all the products that we don't use!

Our active ingredients and our water are upcycled, perfectly dosed and chosen for their benefits on the skin without impacting the environment . Propice beauty treatments are eco-designed , certified organic and natural.

Our short routine offers you a duo of responsible and caring products, generators of well-being and beauty . To preserve and increase the vitality of the skin and its radiance , for skin that breathes , radiant and happy.

So ready to use 2 products and get the benefits of 6 ?

Consume less - Do good - Take care of our planet.