Our upcycled active ingredients, beauty generators, are rigorously selected for their benefits on the skin .

And as at Propice , we go all the way, without any compromise, up to 96% of the reverse osmosis water in our formulas is also upcycled !

Co-product extracted from

crocus flower

Saffron flowers are flowers historically cultivated in France since the Middle Ages. Their traditional culture has been reintroduced in Quercy for several decades.

The crocus flower is an ephemeral flower, it blooms at dawn and fades at sunset. It must be picked up in dry weather preferably in the morning as soon as it hatches.

Pruning consists of separating the precious pistils of saffron from the harvested flower. Derived from the petals of crocuses destined for destruction, the extract obtained fights against the harmful effects of UV rays . Thanks to its action, the biological cycles of the skin are restored.

Its activity is proven: it has a dose-dependent antioxidant capacity. It participates in the defense of the skin against oxidative stress and therefore slows down the effects of skin aging .

It preserves the barrier function and the vitality of the skin against UV radiation.

Natural extract of crocus flowers: upcycled active ingredient, from crocus petals, co-product of saffron production.

Properties: Antioxidant, photoprotection, 100% natural.

Co-product extracted from

Prickly pear

Do not trust its needles : this plant only wants good for your skin !

The prickly pear has racket-like stems covered in needles called cladodes. These stems have the ability to retain water to survive in arid areas. They contain a precious sap recognized as a natural remedy to repair the skin.

By pressing cactus stems, the result of pruning operations in a specialized organic prickly pear orchard in Sicily , a juice is obtained.

From this juice, the natural mixture of polysaccharides considered as a vegetable alternative to hyaluronic acid is extracted in powder form.

Polysaccharides form a barrier film, protect and intensely moisturize while promoting skin repair processes.

This extract naturally fights skin dryness and significantly smoothes it.

Natural extract from prickly pear cladodes juice, polysaccharides: active ingredient upcycled from cladodes, co-product of pruning operations.

Properties: Immediate and long-lasting moisturizer, regenerating, organic.

Co-product extracted from

almond seeds

The sweet almond comes from a tree that survives in harsh conditions. Native to the Mediterranean region and mainly Spain , it is renowned for its resistance to heat.

The extract is obtained by a targeted extraction of proteins from almond seed flour to offer certified organic protection against internal and external stresses including pollution, forming a complete anti-aggression shield intended for urban skin.

It improves the hydration of dry urban skin and their cell renewal . It brings luminosity to stressed skin and reduces the deposition and adhesion of pollution particles.

The skin, recharged and protected, regains its natural energy .

Organic almond seed extract: upcycled active ingredient, by-product of the production of almond oil.

Properties: Detoxifying, anti-pollution, anti-wrinkle, repairing, organic.

By-product extracted from the bark of

Mature White Pine

Its bark is the part of the tree containing the highest level of bioactive molecules . This tree skin has benefits for our skin .

White pine bark comes from mature trees that grow wild. Sustainable forest management, 0% deforestation .

From the bark, a co-product of the timber, we give life to a cosmetic active ingredient , 100% natural and sustainable , without preservatives according to an exclusive methodology of water-based extraction to optimize the yields of active molecules .

After extraction, the bark is used to produce energy or composted and returned to the earth where it will help other plants to grow .

The upcycled active ingredient of white pine bark demonstrates a global action on the complexion and the homogeneity of the skin for an optimal luminosity.

Its activity is demonstrated Ex vivo and In vivo on the clarity, luminosity of the skin and its transparency, the attenuation of age spots, redness and yellowness, from 14 days of use.

As a result, the skin is evened out and illuminated to reveal its harmony, a unique complexion that radiates a new natural radiance .

A global action on the complexion and the homogeneity of the skin.

Organic extract of mature white pine bark: upcycled active ingredient, wood production co-product

Properties: Complexion radiance, even complexion, reduces dark spots, 100% natural.

co-product extracted from


A major element of a cosmetic formula, the water we use in our products is an upcycled active water of organic lemon, reinforcing the effectiveness of our natural care.

By replacing reverse osmosis water (filtered water) with fruit water, you can not only create active water but also act on the environment .

Water management is a central problem in particular with regard to waste water in the industrial environment and the consumption of drinking water in manufacturing processes.

Extracted from lemon juice left behind by manufacturers, and in partnership with the food industry, by a flash distillation process, organic lemon water is pure, without preservatives and preserves the components of the fruit: trace elements, mineral salts and essential oils .

Its activity is proven : by significantly reducing tyrosinase activity in melanocytes, organic lemon water promotes a clear and luminous complexion .

We reduce osmosis water in our formulas by up to 96%.

Organic lemon water: upcycled active ingredient extracted from lemon.

Properties: Radiance of the complexion, energizing, antiseptic, organic.