Hervé, founder of Propice

Too many natural resources are wasted every year. With our partners , we recover ingredients (co-products) left behind by the plant or food industries to give them a second life.

This new value chain , initiated by the most important manufacturers of active ingredients , now offers unused, upcycled natural ingredients.

We are reinventing the way of designing organic, natural and vegan cosmetics for the well-being of women while responding to ecological issues and doing good for our planet .

Our upcycled vegetable active waters allow us to reduce the consumption of reverse osmosis water in our formulas by up to 96%.

We are proud to be able to present ourselves as one of the new players in this market of the future by positioning Propice at the heart of the circular economy.

It is on these bases that our multifunctional skincare products were created for women expecting a product benefit and sensoriality that we guarantee them”.

Thierry, Partner

The world is imperfect, and so are we, but time is "propitious" for more sustainable and responsible cosmetics .

Upcycling is a new El Dorado in the cosmetics sector.

Propice is the 1st skincare brand to offer formulas incorporating up to 80% upcycled ingredients , 75% organic ingredients and 99.55% natural ingredients.

We offer you products that are beneficial for your skin : moisturizers, antioxidants, photoprotectors, antipollution and which awaken the luminosity and radiance of the complexion.

Propice is the omen of a new beauty that is part of an eco-responsible approach.